About Us


Established in 1972, R&N has being engaged in bicycle business. We are very much experienced in supplying complete bicycles, electric vehicles, CKD, OEM, and after-market products to world-wide markets.

Our service will be effected, including :


Product sourcing

We offer a complete and professional service. All the parts you need can be source from us. We have well established relationship with most manufactures in Taiwan, China and East-South Asian countries. Keep excellent negotiation with makers for competitive prices. We ensure efficient processing of your inquiries and orders.


New product development

Being flexible to quickly meet new, emerging trends in the bicycle industry is a major benefit for R&N clients. We can work with you to quickly develop new product ensuring that you are able to capitalize on new trends in your market.


Quality control

We understand that a small mistake might cause a huge loss for our customer. A thorough inspection before shipment is applied to ensure client satisfaction.


Shipping arrangement

We can provide the best preparation for shipments and offer the most efficient shipping consolidation service no matter from Taiwan, China or third party.